Why Laser is the Best Treatment for Hair Removal

At Razor2Laser, we offer the latest laser technology for laser hair removal. The machine we use is the Lumenis Lightsheer Desire which is a Class 4 Diode Laser. 

Laser is recognised worldwide as the GOLD standard for laser hair removal. Laser machines have the built-in technology to produce a concentrated single-wavelength beam of laser that targets the melanin more precisely in the hair root, destroying the hair follicle beneath. This produces far superior results and greater hair reduction. The hair reduction is faster, greater and longer lasting.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) emits a broader spectrum of light, which delivers scattered energy and may be less effective than laser, reducing its ability to selectively target hair follicles.

Side Effects of other methods of hair removal: 


  • Shaving is a temporary solution only to hair removal, and regrowth occurs relatively quickly.  
  • Shaving can cause skin irritation, redness, itching, razor burns and ingrowing hair. 


  • Epilating can be painful and time-consuming. Some areas of the body can be difficult to access, such as the back of the legs. 
  • Epilating can also cause ingrowing hair and skin irritation, redness, folliculitis and, in some cases, infections. This is also only a temporary solution to hair removal.


  • Waxing can be painful to the treatment area. It can cause trauma to the skin, particularly during the repeated removal of the wax strip from the skin. Depending on the area, it can feel harsh, especially on sensitive skin. 
  • Another downside is the hair must be of a particular length before it can be successfully waxed. This means the area must be hairy before treatment, usually 2 weeks before. 
  • Waxing can be expensive as this is an ongoing cost without a permanent solution. 
  • Waxing can cause skin irritation, redness, bumps, rashes, folliculitis, localised infections and ingrowing hair. 
  • Waxing can also cause skin burns if the wax is too hot.

Laser hair removal is recognised by the industry as the only permanent solution to the best results for long-lasting hair removal. 

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