Microneedling in Horsham

We offer microneedling in Horsham. Conducted by Mina Willment, a trained NHS medical professional.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment for the improvement of many skin conditions. We can use microneedling treatments to reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks with great results.

Why Microneedling is different than other skin treatments

Due to the protective function of the skin as a barrier a majority of skincare products are unable to penetrate through the outer most layer of the skin (stratum corneum) approximately 99.7% of all skincare products are lost as there molecular size are too large to penetrate through the skin. Overall, only 0.3%of the applied nutritive elements can infiltrate into the skin. Therefore, to solve this problem and increase penetration, microneedle rollers are designed to create physical pathways through the skin to increase permeability. These tiny channels created by the pen device allows up to 80% delivery of active ingredients.

What to expect and does microneedling hurt?

Some mild prickling or slight discomfort might possibly be experienced. If necessary, a topical anaesthetic can be applied before
treatment to reduce this discomfort.

What happens after treatment, are there any sideffects?

A feeling of mild sunburn or warmth of the treatment area may occur, this will normally subside within 24 hours of the treatment. Pinking or redness of the treatment area, which again will normally subside within 24 hours of treatment. Skin might initially feel rough to the touch. A feeling of skin tightness.

“The reduction of acne has been life changing. Before I wanted to hide away
and I hated my skin. Now I can actually relax, smile and be confident.”