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  • I looked into laser hair removal quite a bit and came across Razor2Laser. Razor2Laser was the only salon that I found that had a qualified laser nurse practitioner. Mina is extremely professional and talked through the procedure involved with laser hair removal. I started with my upper lip – no more creams or dark shadows and carried on with underarms and legs. The results were amazing and It was so wonderful – especially given how lovely the summer was – not to worry about continuous shaving! I would definitely recommend Mina and R2L. Having laser hair removal with Mina has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

    santosh robinson Avatar santosh robinson

    I was recommended Mina ( razor 2 laser ) and it is hands down the best money I have ever spent. Mina is so lovely as well as so professional and provides the best results. I have started treatment on my face and the results have been so good I don't want to stop there I am planning on having more treatments elsewhere, I am now so confident. I cannot recommend this highly enough. If your looking for the best results this is definitely the place to go.

    Luciana Macari Avatar Luciana Macari

    Well - my story goes back years ! I first met Mina 2015 and she has changed my life totally I started out with my underarms and went on from there. My only regret is that I wish I could have met Mina in my 30’s, I now have the confidence to wear dresses / skirts and shorts in the summer. She has totally transformed my life, I love getting my legs out in the summer and feel totally at ease with my body. Nothing else works like razor 2 laser - best money ever spent ! Thank you Mina for giving me back my confidence - Karen - West Sussex

    Karen Hann Avatar Karen Hann
  • My daughter first started going to see Mina over a year ago, the results of the laser hair removal are fantastic. Mina takes great care when using the laser on her young skin, the results speak for themselves. I would recommend Mina to anyone who wants to have any laser treatment as she tailors the treatments to suit your individual needs. Thank you Mina! Tasneem

    Tasneem Sheikh Avatar Tasneem Sheikh

    I can’t recommend Mina and raser2laser enough, I wish I’d starting going years ago! I’ve had amazing results from my treatments and it’s given me so much extra confidence. It’s great to not have to constantly worry about excess facial hair. Mina is so friendly and welcoming and she explains the process really well, making you feel completely at ease 🙂

    Sophie Hall Avatar Sophie Hall

    I have had approximately 7 to 8 treatments of lazor hair removal on my face and I am absolutely amazed with the results. This was over the course of a year. My face is smooth and the condition of my skin looks glowing and healthy. I have hardly had much regrowth and after the first year and, I have only been back for one top up treatment since finishing my initial block of treatments. I have also had skin tags removed and there is no scarring left. I use the products that Razor to Laser have available on my skin from the Obaji range to compliment the treatments I have had and, I have noticed so much difference in my skin; it looks and feels great. I would highly recommend Razor to Laser. Mina Ward is very welcoming and is thorough in the treatments she provides. Thanks Mina!

    T Rayner Avatar T Rayner
  • I've been coming to see Mina for the past two years for laser hair removal for my unibrow, nose and the back of my neck. I was looking for a practitioner with a lot of experience as well as the right qualifications and education, and Mina's background as a Nurse and ongoing professional development ticked every box. Mini is very welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable from the beginning of each treatment: she is careful to explain everything in detail and makes sure she has answered every question before starting. Her clinic is of a very high spec and thoroughly clean! (something which isn't always the case with clinics). I couldn't recommend Mina and Razor 2 Laser highly enough!!

    Sharif Johnson Avatar Sharif Johnson

    I am very pleased with the results of my treatment and have found Mena to be very friendly,honest and professional. IwouId have no hesitation to recommend her services!

    Mel Ponterosso Avatar Mel Ponterosso

    I highly recommend Mina's clinic for a professional, attentive, bespoke service along with high quality results. I've shopped around, yet once finding Mina she was able to rectify previous problems other practitioners were unqualified to notice. You definitely get above and beyond your money's worth with Mina.

    Sukhy Bhandal Avatar Sukhy Bhandal

“Had a course of sessions with the very professional and lovely Mina a couple of years ago for hair removal on my legs. She put me at my ease and explained everything excellently. The results were amazing and I was so pleased as I had always suffered badly with ingrowing hairs after waxing. I have had a couple of ‘maintenance’ treatments since and would not hesitate to go back. So pleased that the laser has dramatically reduced hair growth which was so troublesome for me!” (LaserYou Clinic, Burnham Village – 28/04/2018)

“I used to dread my IPL sessions where it would be months before I saw any difference, and the difference was very little. Now I am having laser with Mina I can see a major difference within 4 sessions. I feel more confident and now get excited for my next sessions as the improvement continues.”. (ref BR 01/8/17 – Beauty Rooms)

“Found R2L online in Chichester and liked Mina’s Nursing background felt happier coming to a medical Professional.”.

“I have had 25 IPL treatments on my face with poor or no results. I didn’t know the difference between Proper Laser and IPL machine. I went online and read about the Light sheer laser machine”.

“I used to dread my IPL sessions where it would be months before I saw any difference, and the difference was very little. Now I am having laser with Mina I can see a major difference within 4 sessions. I feel more confident and now get excited for my next sessions as the improvement continues.”. (ref KC 09/2/18 – Bespoke You)

“I went to the Doctors to have my hormones tested. I mentioned that I had a problem with facial hair to which the Doctor said ‘Well I don’t see any facial hair’. I told her it’s because Mina’s so good at her job! I was concerned before I came to see Mina because I’d previously had treatment for laser hair removal at the Harley Medical Group and it hadn’t worked. Now I’ve been coming to see Mina, the difference is astounding. It’s made a huge amount of difference to the way I look and my confidence and now I have next to no hair on my face”. (LaserYou Clinic, Burnham Village – 18/08/2017)

“After more than 20 years of hating my facial hair, I, at last, see a light at the end of the tunnel. Having by chance seen a write up on Facebook regarding Mina and her miracle laser treatment I made an appointment. I was nervous but immediately felt at ease with Mina. After a trial on my chin area I am immediately amazed at the results. I look forward to my next treatment!” (BodySense Clinic, Rustington – 20/11/2017)

“Since I was 11, I’ve wanted my sideburns gone. Boys saying I had sideburns bigger than their dads. Now they are basically gone after two sessions.” (LaserYou Tattoo Clinic, Burnham Village – 16/11/2017)

“First treatment was absolutely amazing, I am so glad I came to Mina. My skin is the smoothest it has been since I can remember, I am so happy with the results and even after just the first treatment.” (LaserYou Clinic, Burnham Village – 10/01/17)

“I’d always wanted to have laser treatment but just assumed it’d cost too much. I’m so glad I looked into it further. I only could have dreamt it’d look like it does now.” (BodySense Clinic, Rustington – 19/12/16)

“For years I have looked into having IPL, but all the reviews were not great in that the hair reduction was minimal. I carried on plucking until I saw a R2L sign outside the Horsham salon. So I looked you up on the internet and I liked the fact you were a nurse doing laser hair removal.” (Beauty Rooms, Horsham – 16/11/16 )

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I wish I’d done it sooner!” (Bespoke You Clinic, Worthing –  09/11/16)

“I went for almost 3years every 5/6 weeks I spent all that money having IPL and I saw absolute no difference. I have now had laser at R2L and the difference is significant.”(BodySense, Rustington – 16/10/16)

“When I first met Mina I felt like a hairy monkey, now I feel like a woman. Being able to now wear a swimsuit without shorts to hide a hideous bikini line full of ingrown hairs is fantastic. Not having to shave my legs daily and suffer razor burn and ingrown hairs is such a relief. Mina is very professional and friendly and at no point did I feel uncomfortable bearing my embarrassing areas for her to treat” (ref SW client 17/01/15 BS)

” I have moved away from the tweezer! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results. When a problem is so all-consuming it is very hard to have faith, even in an expert opinion, until you see the results for yourself. An instant boost of self confidence! (ref HF client 19/12/15 – Oldwick)

“I am amazed with the results after just one session. I don’t feel the need to look in the mirror every day to see if there are hairs on my face” (ref WB client 07/11/15 BS)

“After first treatment the hair just fell out – it was incredible! Haven’t touched my chin for over three weeks whereas I was shaving every day. I am so pleased I don’t have to do anything to my chin, my make up sits so much better.” (ref BS client 10/10/15)

“I can’t describe the importance of having my chin/upper lip hair under control. It makes makes me feel like a women again now I can get my eyebrow and toenails done” (ref FS 11/7/15 PB Chichester)

“Only one session and it worked like magic, no more worries in the morning. Mina said to be patient and I was. My face is now as it should be” (ref AP 26/5/15 Maidenhead Clinic)

“I have so much more time in the morning as I don’t have to pluck. After one treatment I have noticed a huge difference. I should have come a lot sooner”. (ref KC 30/5/15 Body Sense Clinic)


“I last suffered from ingrowing hair about 3months ago, when I was shaving I suffered constantly from ingrowing hair. The area now is a lot smoother and now I don’t suffer from thrush as I don’t need to shave the area. And use products. I am a fair hair person, however, my bikini line hair is darker and have had amazing results so far” (ref AT 14/3/15 Oldwick)

“It’s life changing after hiding away not being able to wear swimming costumes because of the growing hairs after waxing. Now it looks and feels so much better. After 3 treatments I will be wearing a swimming costume on my summer holiday.”