Laser hair removal

Experience the freedom of smooth, hair-free skin

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable due to unwanted, excessive hair? Has it been affecting your self-esteem and limiting your clothing choices? If so, laser hair removal treatment could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Welcome to Razor2Laser, your dedicated partner in achieving hair-free confidence. We specialise in providing laser hair removal services to both men and women. Rest assured, all our treatments are administered exclusively by highly qualified laser hair removal nurse practitioner, Mina Willment.

Can we help, PCOS patients?

At Razor2Laser, we understand the unique challenges faced by women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and the associated condition, Hirsutism. Our dedicated nurse practitioner, Mina, is passionate about raising awareness of PCOS and its symptoms. Mina has a specialist interest in women who suffer from PCOS. We strive to provide education and support to those affected by this condition and their partners.

What to expect

When you book a laser skin or hair removal treatment at our Horsham clinic, you can expect a comprehensive experience. During your initial consultation, you can ask any questions, and we will take a brief medical history. Then we will arrange a patch test and afterwards, your appointment can be arranged.

Patch test

Following this, we conduct a patch test on the targeted area to assess your skin’s response to laser treatment. This test is pain-free and carried out by our experienced laser removal nurse practitioner. Approximately 48 hours later, we assess the laser’s effect, allowing us to tailor your treatment optimally.

Our patch test is a non-invasive procedure to evaluate your skin’s compatibility with laser treatment. Administered by our skilled laser removal nurse practitioner, this pain-free test is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your laser hair removal treatment.

Appointment then arranged

After the patch test, we schedule a follow-up appointment approximately 24 hours later to evaluate the laser’s effect on your skin. This process helps your practitioner familiarise you with your unique skin type and is a valuable guide for optimising your laser hair removal treatment.

We can also help with skin lesion treatments

In addition to laser hair removal, we offer expert treatment for common skin lesions. Our services include addressing issues such as Telangiectasia (facial thread veins), Spider Nevus, Campbell de Morgan (red blood spots/cherry angiomas), Fibroepithelial Polyps (skin tags), and Milia. Mina Willment, a fully registered surgical nurse, performs all treatments under sterile conditions in various settings tailored to our client’s needs. Discover more about our skin lesion treatments today.

“After first treatment the hair just fell out – it was incredible! Haven’t
touched my chin for over three weeks where as I was shaving every day. I am so pleased I don’t have to do anything to my chin, my make up sits so much better.”