Lumenis LightSheer Desire: Gold Standard In Laser Hair Removal

Razor2Laser clinics offer laser hair removal treatmentusing the industry’s Gold Standard, the “Lumenis LightSheer Desire”. In a class of its own, it offers superior levels of safety and effectiveness that have been tested and proven in extensive clinical trials and long-term clinical practice. It is the only laser system with uniquand specific technology for laser hair reduction

Technology Behind The Desire

Unique features

• Short treatment time
• Maximum treatment comfort
• Optimal results – surpassing most client expectations and levels of satisfaction

Cutting-edge technologies

• Vacuum-assisted high-speed handpiece which gently draws the skin into the handpiece pulling the target closer to the energy source
• Chill tip handpiece which helps minimise any discomfort 

Three different handpieces enable treatment of all body areas, small and large

• HS is a vacuum-assisted handpiece allowing lower settings to be used resulting in significant reduction of pain, providing safe fast and comfortable treatments
• XC is a Chill tip handpiece providing optimal results for large and small areas requiring higher settings.
• ET is a chill tip handpiece (pictured below) designed to treat small areas that require maximum precision and accuracy. The skin is cooled before and during the treatment. The skin is gently compressed by the chill tip bringing the follicle closer to the surface maximizing the damage to the target by the laser beam.

The LightSheer Desire is suitable for all areas of the face and body and all skin types with minimal discomfort and swift recovery time. This award-winning laser hair removal system uses a diode laser that is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster, more comfortably and safely.

▪ Advanced laser technology and patented delivery systems
▪ Manufactured by worldwide market leaders in medical-grade laser machines
▪ Minimal discomfort and downtime
▪ Designed for optimal safety and FDA approved
▪ Suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin
▪ No need for anaesthetic or numbing creams

What Next?

You can book a free consultation at our Chichester laser hair removal clinic or any of our other Horsham laser hair removal clinic.

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