I’ve been hairy forever. Until now.

The first argument I ever had with my mum, aged 12, was about whether I wore a dress at a friend’s BBQ. My mum thought (somewhat rightly) she had a defiant tomboy on her hands. But the truth was, I was embarrassed by my very hairy legs. 

Through my teens, I realised that shaving was a complete no, no. The smooth effect would last for no longer than 24 hours and don’t even get me started on the in-growing hairs. So I switched to waxing in my twenties, to try and tame the mane but the thickness of my hair only slightly decreased and ingrowing hairs rapidly increased. It was incredibly frustrating.

Then something rather unexpected happened. I met Mina.

A mutual friend Tom O’Boyle had introduced us. He thought I could help Mina and her husband Ray with some marketing. Mina and Ray have a passion for the work they do and I knew straight away we’d work well together. 

Two years in I still hadn’t told Mina about my hairy little secret. I’d seen the results Mina had achieved from numerous before and after videos/photos, and testimonials and it all looked amazing. I just didn’t think I had the time between working and looking after two small children, so I just never mentioned it.

But then my youngest child was about to go to school and I was discussing with Mina how lovely it would be for me to have some time to do things for myself again. I mentioned I was playing hockey again and made a joke about my hairy legs.

That was all it took. Mina talked with me about the problems I’d had with my hairy legs, she gave me a full consultation and patch test and I’ve honestly not looked back. 

Four hair removal sessions are in and I’m so so happy with the results. This summer I went to France on a family holiday and it was so lovely to have my legs out. For two whole weeks, I wore dresses and bikinis and enjoyed jumping in the sea and the pool knowing that I didn’t have to grab a towel to cover up my hairy legs afterwards. Plus I’ve got the best tan I’ve ever had on my legs, they’ve never seen so much sun!

If you are interested in how Mina can help you. Then please get in touch.

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