Why laser hair removal may NOT have worked for you

At Razor2Laser, we regularly see clients for laser hair removal who have previously undergone unsuccessful laser hair removal treatments elsewhere before coming to us. There are several reasons why laser hair removal may not have worked for you, and these are the most likely ones:

Not all lasers are the same

Although commonly advertised as “Lasers,” not all machines are lasers; some are IPL machines (intense pulse light machines). Frequently, advertisements and sales pitches misrepresent IPL machines as laser machines. While IPL machines excel in treating facial skin conditions and have a place in aesthetics, they do not represent the gold standard for Laser Hair Removal. A genuine laser machine is much more likely to yield an effective and successful outcome.

Qualified, inexperienced practitioners

Unfortunately, most clinics tend to treat all clients the same, without considering their individuality. Practitioners often fail to account for each client’s unique characteristics, such as additional health issues like PCOS, diabetes, or folliculitis. Experienced laser practitioners can tailor each treatment to the individual, taking into account these factors.

Treatment schedule

During laser treatment, it’s crucial to be aware that the treatment targets and disables hair follicles only in the growth cycle at the time of the procedure. Additionally, practitioners must understand that different areas of the body have varying growth cycles, necessitating customized treatment for effective and optimal results.

Colour of the hair and coarseness

The laser targets the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle. It’s important to note that the laser is not effective on grey, white, red, or bright blonde hair. For instance, in an area with a mixture of black and grey hair, the laser will only target the black hair, while the grey hair may remain, although there may be some reduction.

Skin colour

Skin colour is a crucial factor in laser hair removal, and practitioners must possess in-depth knowledge about the ethnic background of the clients being treated to avoid potential complications, especially in clients with darker skin.

Biological Factors

Clients with conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can benefit greatly from laser hair removal treatments. It’s well-recognized in the medical profession that Laser Hair Removal is the best treatment for females with PCOS, offering a wide range of benefits and success. Due to their underlying conditions, PCOS clients may require more sessions and an ongoing maintenance program, and practitioners should inform them accordingly.

We work with numerous clients who have had unsatisfactory experiences with laser hair removal. We provide honest and accurate information about what will work best for you with laser hair removal. Contact us at either our Horsham or Chichester clinics

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