What are skin tags and can they be removed?

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small tags of skin that often have a peduncle (stalk). They look like a small piece of soft hanging skin. Skin tags don’t discriminate both men and women, the young and the old can have them.

What do skin tags look like?

Skin tags Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths on your skin. They come in all different colours and sizes from a few mms up to 5cm wide. Commonly found around the neck, armpits and groin areas. Although they can occur on the face and eyelid areas. Skin tags are usually caused by the friction of skin rubbing on skin and are therefore often found on, or within the natural fold and crease lines of the skin.

Skin tag removal

If you are looking for skin tag removal in Horsham. Mina can remove skin tags as she is an advanced electrolysis practitioner in skin lesions. She uses an advanced electrolysis machine. 

How long it takes?

This all depends on how many skin tags you have, some clients have several others just one large skin tag.

Do you need a consultation before treatment?

Yes always, we offer a free consultation where Mina will discuss with the client the procedure. Including explaining to you whether you are suitable for the treatment. This also allows her to assess the skin lesion and confirm it is a skin tag.

Do you need to speak to your doctor beforehand?

No, it is not necessary to speak to your GP, as this is a minor procedure.


Before and After skin tag removal

Skin Tag BeforeAfter Skin tag removal in Chichester clinic


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