Warning signs you are at the wrong Laser Hair Removal Clinic

We’ve had a number of people walk into the clinic in the last month who have had a bad experience with Laser Hair Removal at other clinics. Here are some warning signs that you are at the wrong laser hair removal clinic and need to consider a rethink!

1. They ask you to pay upfront

We take the view, that every client is different, and every client has different hair and different health conditions (like PCOS). We treat everyone as an individual. If a clinic is asking you to pay up front they aren’t taking this into account. You might only need 5 or 6 treatments and you’ve paid for 10 up front. We take payment one session at a time. After that session is finished we look at your results and then advise when the next session should be.

2. They don’t offer you a consultation

It’s so important to have a patch test and a consultation. This enables the laser practitioner to run through a number of questions which will help them establish how to treat you, and explain to you what results you will receive based on this.

3. They have an IPL machine and say it’s “Laser”

Repeat after me an IPL machine is not, repeat not a laser machine. It is not the gold standard and it will not give you the results you want. There have been a number of scientific studies into the efficiency of both Laser Hair Removal and IPL treatments, highlighting significant and key findings. A study published in the International Journal of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology found that after 3 treatments, hair density decreased by 58% following use of diode lasers, and by 49% after using IPL, illustrating a more effective and quicker result using lasers.

4. You aren’t seeing results (after the first session)

If you aren’t getting the results you were expected or promised. There’s a problem. You should have been advised how your hair type, or medical conditions would have effected treatment, and how they were going to overcome these. Treatment cycle is also really important, where as they typical time between treatments may be 6-8 weeks, this may need to be changed based on the results you are having.

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