4 things you need to know before having laser hair removal on your legs

Unwanted leg hair. We all have it, some more than others though! If you are on this page, no doubt you are considering getting laser hair removal on your legs. There are a couple of things to do before your Laser Hair Treatment

What to do before laser hair treatment

1. Best time to start laser hair removal on your legs is winter.

But we can successfully treat any time of the year. It’s just that the winter months are easier as you are more likely to be tan-free. We also ask that you don’t use fake tan before your treatments as well.

2. You’ll need more than 1 treatment.

On average most clients generally require 6/8 treatments however at R2L we tailor the treatments to the individual. Mina takes into consideration any underlining conditions clients may have. Conditions such as PCOS can change the length of time it takes to become stubble free.

As you’d expect large treatment areas take longer. A half leg treatment takes around 45mins and full leg treatment takes around 1/30mins 

3. Shave before, during and after treatments.

Prior to treatment we ask that you don’t wax or epilate. We recommend you only shave your legs prior to treatment and in between treatments.

4. Benefits aren’t just about being hair-free.

Of course the main benefit means you’ll be hair-free. No longer will you have to worry about wearing your favourite skirt anytime of the year without tights on! We also know from many of our customers that there are added benefits including: no more ingrown hairs, or irritating rashes, no more scheduling in waxing appointments.

We work with a number of clients who have not had a good experience with laser hair removal. We give honest and truthful information about what will work for you with laser hair removal. Contact us at either our Horsham clinics

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