Laser hair removal for your face | FAQ : Concerns and Costs

Facial laser hair removal

At our clinics, we treat both women and men who are wanting to get rid of unwanted facial hair.  By the time most clients have come to see us they have spent years trying other methods such as plucking, threading, waxing but they just aren’t getting the reduction or the  smooth results they would like.

We understand how sensitive your face is, and having treatment can make you feel nervous, especially if you haven’t had laser hair removal on other areas of your body. So there are often lots of questions asked in our consultation meeting on facial laser hair removal . We thought we’d outline a series of FAQ we get asked around laser hair removal for your face that might ease any concerns that you have.

Facial Laser Hair Removal

Yes. You can have laser on your face it is safe and very effective, with great results.

This is such an important question to ask where ever you get your laser hair removal from. At Razor2laser we use the Lumenis Desire Laser machine which is recognised as a world leading in laser hair removal. We have had great success from this machine and our clients are very happy with the results.

The cost of the laser treatment to the face is £120 per each treatment. We offer bespoke treatments to suit individual clients making sure we get the best results for you.

A lot depends on your own body’s sensitive. Some clients describe it like a pinch or a snapping of an elastic band others don’t feel anything.

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We offer facial laser removal at our clinics in Chichester and Burnham.

If you have any questions then contact us and we’d be happy to talk you through our procedures and how it all works.

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