How our appointment procedures have changed

Our appointments have changed to accommodate COVID-19 compliance measures

By now I’m sure you are very excited (and relieved) to be getting your laser hair removal treatment. We are excited to start working too. When we open our clinic on the 6th July things will be different and we want you to understand how so you are prepared. Outlined below our are new procedures:

We ask that you attend your appointment alone, please do not bring any friends or family members with you.

You may be asked to wait outside the salon until the reception team say it is safe to enter the salon, therefore, please arrive on time, do not arrive too early or late for your appointment. Please remember to bring an umbrella in case it rains whilst waiting outside. 

We ask that you bring only essential belongings / coats with you. Please bring a bag to contain any belongings that you do bring.  

The salon will not be able to provide refreshments. We therefore ask clients to bring their own and store in your bag. 

On your arrival

You will be asked to sanitize your hands on entering the salon. 

You will have your temperature taken remotely.

You will be asked a few questions relating to your general health and Covid-19.  

You will be given a mask to wear while you are in the salon (this can be removed if and when you are having treatment to your face) 

All PPE costs to stop Friday the 24th July, clients are asked to bring their own masks, or they can purchase from us for £1.50, Gloves available to purchase too.

We ask that you pay only by bank transfer on the day of your treatment.

The bathrooms within the salon will only be available for emergencies and will be regularly serviced. 

The clinic room and equipment will undergo enhanced cleaning before and after each client, we will also be allowing extra time in between clients in order for us to ensure we have time to do this effectively. 

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