CASE STUDY: Laser Hair Removal With The LightSheer Desire

The Razor2Laser team take great pride and satisfaction in seeing results from our clients on how laser has changed their lives. Using cutting-edge laser technology, such as the Lumenis LightSheer Desire, we have outstanding results for both men and women.

Connie went years quietly suffering, being bullied in school and constantly self-conscious whilst out in public or on holiday until she got in touch with R2L. Read her story below on how just 4 LightSheer laser hair removal treatments changed how she lives her life! 

LightSheer Review

“Dear Mina,

My treatments with you have been completely life-changing and couldn’t recommend you enough. I’ve always struggled with my underarm hair and bikini line, getting bullied on a school trip by other classmates and having to wear shorts on holiday to cover my bikini line.

Within just two treatments I saw a huge difference and completely blew me away with how good my skin looked. I’ve now been able to spend my first summer wearing any dresses I like and even going out to buy more strapped tops and dresses – I now never have to think about what I can and can’t wear or constantly have to work around when my wax appointments were booked.

The treatments were very relaxed with Mina, always a warm, bubbly greeting from her which put me at ease straight away. I always dreaded going for wax and felt very anxious before my appointment. I never felt this way with Mina and the treatments were not painful, far less gruelling than waxing.

The treatments were bookable on an individual basis, and there was no package that you had to sign up for – everyone is different and Mina made this clear and didn’t put any pressure to move onto others areas to laser or to laser any areas unnecessarily.

I would like to thank you for all your time, effort and gratitude. This has been completely life-changing.

Thank you!”

If Connie’s story resonates with you, and you’ve been thinking about laser hair removal but are unsure whether you are suitable, call us today and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and book you in for a free consultation and patch test.

Your appointment can take place at our laser hair removal clinics across West Sussex and Berkshire.


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