Can you help with acne treatments?

Acne can be a real challenge for teenagers and adults.

We can help with both acne and acne scarring. If you’re interested here are some of the questions we frequently get asked around acne treatments.

What types of treatment do you offer for acne?

What types of treatment do you offer for acne treatments

We offer two types of acne treatments. Micro-needling and LED light therapy.

Micro-needling is widely used to treat acne scarring. It works by introducing tiny punctures into the skin, this increases blood flow to the area which promotes and helps reduce the appearance of scarring by producing new collagen and elastin.

LED light therapy is a light based skin treatment, using different wavelengths of UV free light for treatment of various skin conditions. It is proven treatment for acne and Rosacea.


Does micro-needling hurtDoes Micro-needling hurt?

Depending on the needle length, some mild prickling sensation or pain and discomfort might possibly be experienced. However if your concerned, we can use a topical anaesthetic that can be applied to the treatment area(s) which will.




Does LED light therapy hurtDoes LED light therapy hurt?

LED treatments are contactless, painless and safe, during the treatment, the brightness
from the LED light might be apparent even when wearing the protective eye wear.





Acne treatments | Microneedling review

We provide acne treatments at our Worthing, Chichester and Burnham clinics. If have any questions don’t worry contact us and we’d be happy to talk you through our procedures and how it all works.


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