Genosys skin products

Genosys skincare products

Genosys Skincare are a range of products which complement Microneedling skin treatments. They are also beneficial for all clients concerned with the condition and appearance of their skin.

Genosys skin products

Genosys Snow O2 Cleanser 180ml

Powerful oxygen foam cleanser which is effective in the removal of waste and debris from skin and pores. It revitalises tried, dull skin.

Genosys Snow Booster Toner 200ml

Moisturizes and acts as an astringent and helps in the contraction of pores, it also has as acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Genosys Smoothing Repair Cream 20ml

Ideal for after treatment, helps aid rapid skin recovery, reduces skin irritation, redness and erythema.

Genosys skin products

Genosys AFS Serum 30ml

Skin repair serum with hydrating and anti- inflammatory properties.

Genosys Problem Control Serum 30ml

Helps regulate excessive oil and sebum production that can lead to skin breakouts. Ideal for oily and combination skin types.

Genosys problem control serum

Genosys Anti-Wrinkle Serum 30ml

Helps in the restoration of the skins natural firmness and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.

Genosys skin products | Anti wrinkle serum

“The reduction of acne has been life changing. Before I wanted to hide away
and I hated my skin. Now I can actually relax, smile and be confident.”