Professional Laser Hair Removal



Forget the razor and move to laser! Does unwanted and excessive hair cause you embarrassment? Does it cause you to suffer low self-esteem? Or does it prevent you from feeling comfortable in certain clothing? If so then laser hair removal treatment is for you. You too can join the thousands of women and men who have stopped shaving, plucking, threading and waxing by switching to laser treatment for unwanted hair – the only medically proven treatment for removing unwanted facial and body hair, with long term results. R2L is unique because we GUARANTEE that ALL treatments and care are provided exclusively by a qualified laser nurse practitioner at ALL of our laser hair removal clinics.


Mina has significant Gynaecological and Transgender nursing experience and is completely comfortable treating sensitive areas. Mina specialises in Brazilian and Hollywood bikini laser hair removal treatments, which include the more intimate and private regions, such as the inner thighs, buttocks, perineal, perianal, labia and surrounding areas.  Clients considering the above should rest assured that they need not feel in any way inhibited when requesting any of these treatments.


Unlike IPL, Laser hair removal treatment remains the GOLD standard for unwanted and excessive hair with proven long term results.


R2L Mission Statement

At R2L hair removal clinics, we strive to treat each client with care, professionalism and discretion.